NSF certification
NSF certification
NSF certification
NSF certification

The company "Agroplasment -92 -V" PLC was founded in 1996 with main activity: production, purchasing, processing, storage and sale of agricultural products, business at both domestic and foreign markets, renting storage, refrigeration areas and offices for rent.

Our primary unit is growing and fattening Mulard ducks for the production of fattened liver and meat. The company cultivates about 350,000 Mulard ducks per year. The process of breeding ducklings is carried out in 19 specialized bases in North-Eastern Bulgaria and the base in the Lyuben Karavelovo village (Varna municipality) is where the fattening process takes place.

ll the necessary conditions to meet the requirements of breeding and fattening ducks in our bases are provided. Maintaining of good hygiene, using of high quality food without any harmful substances and chemical ingredients. Thus "AGROPLASMENT-92-V" PLC is able to offer safe products to its customers guaranteed high quality directly from the farms.

The company has its own modern waterfowl slaughterhouse in the city of Dobrich. Our team of young, professionally trained and highly qualified workers is able to build the image of a modern and prosperous company.

The production is distributed in appropriate separated rooms: a ramp for unloading of the live ducks, slaughter hall, finishing slaughter, cutting room, a hall for dispatching of the finished products, which all meet the highest European standards. There are six refrigerated, separate rooms aiming to storage the raw material and finished products according to the production technology of -35⁰ to + 4⁰ C. The all up-to-date tehnological equipment ensures the production of high quality products.

The slaughterhouse is approved for placing goods on the common market of the European Union. The implemented total quality management (TQM), product safety and the management of health and safety at work – all in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 22000: 2005 and OHSAS 18001: 2007, act as a guarantee of excellent quality of incoming raw materials for processing and the finished product. Our company supervises the entire value chain - from the upbringing of waterfowl to the final product.

The management of "AGROPLASMENT-92-V" PLC has developed its quality and product safety policies as a means of control of the company aiming at improving the already achieved results.

Our efforts are directed in the following areas:

  • Meeting the present and future customer requirements;
  • Motivating employees to work more effectively;
  • Maintaining and continually improving the system of total quality management and product safety.
  • Improving the quality of offered products and services and reducing complaints – if any legitimate ones, we always take timely and appropriate actions to compensate the customers;
  • Effective use of available material, human and financial resources;
  • Taking operational decisions based on facts aiming at achieving a balance between the desirable – feasible;
  • Compliance with the current regulatory and other requirements adopted by the organization.
  • Implementation of existing instructions for hygiene and monitoring system for self-control;
  • Introducing and updating of good manufacturing practices.

The implementation of the system for managing health and safety at work in "Agroplasment - 92-V" PLC is key to long-term development of the company. Ensuring appropriate working conditions is a priority for management in accordance with the following principles:

  • Control of all the factors that affect health and safety;
  • Establishment of an appropriate working environment, motivation and commitment of staff.

The slaughterhouse for waterfowl in Dobrich has been registered and authorized to manufacture, trade and marketing of raw materials and foodstuffs of animal origin intended for human consumption, and products derived from animal by-products:

  • "Enterprise for pet food" - raw pet food is produced by animal by-products of category 3 - legs, heads, neck skins, digital and metacarpal duck bones; it is used only as raw food for pets and is unfit for human consumption. It undergoes a rapid freezing process in order to ensure preservation of the product.
  • "Technical enterprise producing feathering" - Wet plucked feathers are dried and exported to the EU countries. It serves as a raw material for enterprises, which processed it further.


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